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“Cheap Unlimited Graft Hair Transplants”

A year or so ago, I did a consultation for a lovely guy who had been deeply affected by his hair loss.


After advising him that his only option was to shave his hair right down, he decided to remain as he was and continue his plight. He wasn’t ready to take the plunge just yet.


I felt disappointed that I couldn’t help him. While Scalp Micropigmentation can be done with longer hair, there is a limit to how thin it can be without shaving it. All I was able to do was suggest a few local hair clinics that I’d heard of in Birmingham, and off he went to do some research.


After a further three consultations, he chose a clinic (obviously, I can’t disclose their name). He was offered unlimited grafts for around £2000 in Birmingham but the procedure would take place elsewhere. He paid his 50% deposit and went on his way; happy that he had got a great deal….or so he believed. 


Cut to the day of his procedure. He had travelled down early and booked into a hotel, his procedure was to take two days. He arrived at the venue, met the surgeon for the first time, filled out the necessary paperwork and they began the procedure.


Following the procedure, the surgeon didn’t look very pleased, and said to the client that he didn’t really have enough donor hair. Back up a minute – he had performed the procedure and taken his money?




Disgraced at the outcome, my client left and, sadly, went to a very dark place for twelve months,


This photograph was taken twelve months after the ‘unlimited graft’ hair transplant.


As you can see in the photographs, the transplanted hair hadn’t even covered a third of his head, and he was still totally bald on top.


You’d like to think that the person he met during the consultation might have pointed this out before taking his money, Or the surgeon? That’s two opportunities, right there. Alas, no,


So after a year of avoiding social situations, the client called me once again to tell me of his great disappointment. His transplant had failed. He asked me to book him in for SMP.


“I will gladly get you back in,’ I hesitated. “But first, I need to re-quote you. ‘Not only have our prices have gone up over the last year or so, but you also have transplant scarring to camouflage now.” The poor chap didn’t realise quite how much he was going to have to pay, but he knew that scalp Micropigmentation was his only remaining option to fix his problem.


It wasn’t plain sailing. As if he hadn’t suffered enough, he had to undertake four sessions of SMP as he had extremely greasy skin, and we struggled to get the pigment to hold.


Regardless, his confidence had grown following just the first session. He said he felt ‘amazing’. During our initial consultation, prior to the transplant, he was very reserved and quiet in nature. After his return for his second session, he walked into the room with purpose and confidence. I watched him transform right in front of me.


Below are the finished photos. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a lot better now that Scalp Doctor have worked their magic on him.


It’s experiences like these that really count


So now he has a full head of what looks like a shaved head and a load of confidence. If only he had listened to me at first, he could have save himself a lot of money and headache.


Ive had 3 people this month, all that have had this same deal and all now need scalp Micropigmentation.


Here is another victim of the £2000 unlimited graft hair transplant in Birmingham

So if youre considering the £2000 unlimited graft hair transplant in Birmingham, come and see me first.


I can explain the pros and cons of each option and if you decide that you’re not ready to shave your hair right now, I can refer you to a great hair transplant clinic. You will pay more that £2000 but you will get a good job and great results. You will also meet the surgeon for your consultation , which is a must for any transplant!