Scalp Micropigmentation Masterclass Training- Birmingham

(for previously trained smp Technicians) – £995

Perfect your skills with Scalp Doctor® in our 1 day 1-1 Masterclass! 

-Have you trained in smp but lost your confidence?

-Certain aspects of your training just weren’t clear enough?

-Unsure with pigment ratios?

-Your sessions are fading away by next session?

-Depth control an issue? 

since -Getting blow-outs or dermal staining?

-Struggling with density or blending?

-Not happy with what you learnt in your original training?

-Or simply just would like to refresh your skills?

Let us work with you on a 1-1 basis for the day to help you work on any issues that you have with your technique etc. Pick the top 3 topics that you struggle with and we will dedicate the day to making you better at these 3 things! We have a wealth of experience completing over 1500 procedures and winning multiple awards over the years since we have been in the industry.

You may bring a model with you if you wish. 

You will get a certificate of completion at the end of your day with us. All applicants must be able to show previous smp training certificate.


Natural Results, Changing Lives

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