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Prices will vary dependent upon your chosen procedure. During your consultation we will offer an accurate quote. However, you can expect to pay from £1100 -£1400 for hairline work, £1000 – £1200 for just a bald spot, £1500 – £1700 for hairline and bald spot, £1850 – £2500 for the whole top of head area (normal pattern balding) or up to £3500 for total alopecia cases.

For BLUE LIGHT card holders or veterans and military we offer 20% off (proof required) but apart from that NO!

We do sometimes offer cheaper prices for clients willing to let us document their journey on video and ask them about their journey on camera finishing with a video testimonial but we don’t advertise this all the time.

Please Note***These cheaper deals are only offered in exchange for full usage of your photos/videos for our website, social media & advertising campaigns! We can only accept clients who can speak clear English and don’t live far away, as in the case your head is red at your final sitting you will be asked to return to do your testimonial. Any clients who cannot or fail to do the testimonial will be due the full standard price and not the discounted price ***

We also offer cheaper prices for clients who have their initial sessions with some of our new technicians and a Scalp Doctor pro will finish off to perfect the look. ***this deal is only on set week days, you must be flexible with attending our training dates for your sessions with the trainees. finishing sessions with a scalp doctor pro can be arranged to suit yourself. If you are red on the final sitting, you will be requested to come back for photos as it is part of the deal.***

In order to keep you looking your best we would recommend a top up every 1-3 years though although it can last longer, the impressions won’t be as crisp and clear. Please be aware that this does vary amongst individuals. Some have top ups yearly where as others getaway with longer intervals.

In order to keep you looking your best we would recommend a top up every 1-3 years though although it can last longer. Please be aware that this may vary amongst individuals. A top up for an existing client is £350. A top up for a client who didn’t originally have the procedure with us will cost £450. 

Pain is subjective so there’s no simple answer. Some clients report a discomfort in particular areas while others can doze off (this has happened and I myself fell asleep whilst having it)! Thinner scalps and scar tissue may be factors that can increase discomfort though none of our clients have complained of anything more severe.

SMP gives the appearance of a full head of hair that has been shaven. Therefore, it will look very natural when done by us as we have won multiple awards for our natural work. 

There are several different hairlines that we can do. Every individual is different so it is essential that the hairline is in keeping with the overall look and age. We will demonstrate what is available and advise accordingly. It is only when you are completely happy that we will move forward.

SMP is very different to a normal tattoo. We undertake specialist training to do this procedure. We use specific pigments that retain their colour over time (though they may fade). Specialist medical grade machines designed for the sole purpose of SMP. Furthermore, the SMP procedure does not penetrate the skin as deeply as a normal tattoo. 

The simple answer to this is, NO! In order to get the most out of your procedure, it is important that you do not sweat for the first four days following your treatment. Therefore, we advise that you avoid swimming, use of a sauna and simply getting your head wet! After this period you’re fine to head back to the gym but please take it easy. We don’t recommend any excess sweating for 10 days after treatment. Get some extra training in beforehand!

Your quote will be based on 3 visits to the clinic. Alopecia totalis clients will usually take 4-5 sessions.

It is recommended that you allow 7-10 days before your second treatment and further 4 weeks before your final treatment.

Please fill in the contact form on our website, drop us a text on the number provided or schedule a phone consultation


We will advise you of all aftercare procedures prior to your departure and we urge you to follow these accordingly. Ask us about our aftercare products specifically designed to get the best results from your procedure.

Yes. If you have had a hair transplant and wish to have scalp micropigmentation to give it the illusion of more density, we recommend a waiting period of 12 months. For all other frequently asked questions…see below.

Yes it is. We cater for all colours.

COVID-19 - Are The Clinics COVID Secure?

Yes we are COVID Protected.

  • All our patients will be asked for relevant COVID-19 history of their own health and their contacts. It is important for patients to provide accurate information.
  • We follow social distancing measures and are limiting contact of patients by only allowing one patient in at a time. No guests/children are allowed to accompany you.
  • We have a one way system in place to avoid unnecessary contact.
    All consultations are over the phone after seeing photos or via zoom/ video call to limit in person interactions.
  • All clients will be contacted via our triage team 24 hours prior to your appointment to do a COVID check.
  • If you have any symptoms in the 2 weeks prior to your appointment please call us immediately to reschedule.
  • On the day of your appointment arrive on time & Not early as waiting areas are closed. For appointments at Branston Court (our main clinic)- call 0121 389 4916 when your’e outside reception and someone will come and get you. For appointments at BHI Parkside Medical Centre- The security personnel on the door will ask for your name and let you in. -We use suitable PPE (personal protective equipment) as recommended by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organisation (WHO) or another equivalent government authority.
  • We routinely use relevant health histories and daily temperature monitoring of staff and patients as part of our strategy to prevent contagion and follow all government guidelines on testing and monitoring staff.
  • In addition to using proper PPE, we use appropriate cleansing, disinfecting and sterilisation procedures throughout our clinics.