Based in Birmingham, Scalp Doctor recreate the look of hair follicles by strategically placing our specialist pigments into the dermal layer of skin. Cheap scalp micropigmentation treatments are available from time to time for clients who are happy for their procedure to be captured on video.

When remaining hair is shaved down, our pigments, when planted in appropriate positions, are undetectable and blend in with existing hair to create  a ‘shaved’ or ‘buzzed’ look that disguise hair loss in balding areas. These coloured pigments are matched to the customers existing hair enabling a realistic finished look. The untrained eye will struggle to tell the difference between our replicated follicles and actual hair growth.

Balding and receding hairlines can be very ageing which can be especially problematic if occurring in younger years. The greatest feedback of all is when clients remark on the anti-ageing benefits of this procedure and have improved confidence and self-esteem.

Put your faith in us. Despite your cheaper price, you’ll still get the very best outcome available. You won’t be disappointed.


We Take Our Your Safety Seriously

We run a very strict health and safety policy that ensures all our customers and employee’s piece of mind while at our clinic. All our SMP needles are individually packaged to keep them free from contaminates. They are disposable and single use only. Our specialist pigment has passed health and safety standards and is designed solely for SMP procedures. It will not turn blue like others may. Pigment pots are also disposable and thrown away after each use. We have full medical PPE for both your and our safety and strict COVID protocols are in place with track and trace and temperature checks on entry.

Everything else is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after every client using medical grade disinfectants.

Bald Men Needed!

Cost £700

SMP is usually carried out over 3 sessions.

We are searching for five bald men to have our SMP procedure for a fraction of the usual price. All we ask in return is a video review documenting your journey.
This deal is not to be mistaken for the usual model deals that you see where trainees complete the work. Our multi award winning practitioner Mark will be completing all of your sessions. We don’t offer this very often so the slots fill up quick as marks usual prices vary from £1100- £3500)
If your head is red immediately following your final session, you will be required to come back a few days later.
You will be filmed prior to having the procedure, and asked (on camera) about any concerns that you may have before starting, how long you’ve been balding etc. You will be asked how you feel after the first and second sessions (again on camera) and then after the third session. You will return a few days later when the redness has subsided to leave a nice video review about your experience with Scalp Doctor, and how you feel after having scalp micropigmentation. 

*This video will be used for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, our website and other social media. You must be confident to talk on camera for this purpose. A legally binding contract will be signed to ensure that you undertake your video review. If your head is still red on your arranged filming date, we will need to reschedule a few days later. For this reason, we are unable to consider people that live a long distance from Birmingham.


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