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Celebrity Scalp Micro Pigmentation – Alex Beresford

Recently, at Scalp Doctor, we’ve had a few conversations with clients about Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) in the public eye. Whilst the majority of high profile, public figures who have undergone SMP prefer to keep it a secret, it’s refreshing when others choose to embrace their treatment and bring it to a public forum. Alex Beresford, well known UK weatherman has recently revealed his decision to undergo SMP due to premature balding and the results speak for themselves (PIC). Not only is the cropped hair look current and timeless, Alex, like many others who opt for SMP, looks several years younger post- treatment. Moreover, men too like to engage in self-care and, like women, when certain assets begin to dwindle (such as hair!), we too suffer with reduced or diminished confidence levels. There’s no doubt that a celebrity status brings both wanted and unwanted attention from the public; scrutiny of our appearance is not something that us humans take kindly to.  But no-one is a greater critic than ourselves, and it’s us that must look at our reflections in the mirror every day. Therefore, if something is making you unhappy, if your hairline has started to prematurely recede, or if you have thinning patches appearing, don’t allow the self-loathing to take its toll on you. You deserve to look and feel confident, and Scalp Micro Pigmentation might just be the answer to a few of your problems…