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How To Stop Scalp Shine After Scalp Micropigmentation

Whilst scalp shine isn’t always a bad thing (it works for some), and the production of sebum actually protects your skin from naturally occurring bacteria, it can be a cause of anxiety for many. Scalp Doctor have compiled a list of recommended products to help keep the smp shine under control and leave you feeling your best, post -SMP.

Please note that our tips are focussed on the ‘fully healed’ scalp.

Initially, it is important to keep your head as clean as possible (post -healing). We would recommend attaining this through the use of a gentle exfoliator (as opposed to abrasive soap which can cause itching). It is important that you opt for ‘gentle, however, as anything too gritty is likely to reduce the longevity of your SMP (and hurt like hell)!

Applying moisturiser can often be a quick ‘go-to’ following a close shave, and there’s no doubt that they make your newly shaven scalp feel like a baby’s bottom. However, they are likely to create an even greater shine due to the light bouncing off your scalp. Unfortunately, avoiding moisturiser isn’t an option during the healing process of your SMP treatment, as it is essential to prevent dryness of the scalp. Scalp Doctor sell ‘Membrane Micro Balm’ in clinic as our preferred moisturising product for the healing period.

In order to avoid the aforementioned scalp shine, we strongly recommend selected mattifying moisturisers which provide your scalp with the required moisture while also offering a matte finish. This is not true of all mattifying moisturisers, and often a mattifying gel or paste will be required in addition.

At the top of our list of mattifying moisturisers list is ‘HeadBlade Headlube (matte)’. This is a great ‘all in one’ product at an affordable cost. Being a moisturiser, however, means that the matte effect is unlikely to last, so you may need to reapply at some point during the day. This is also the case with ‘Jack Black All Day Oil Control Lotion’. This is slightly more expensive than the previous but likely to see you shine free for a slightly longer duration.

Another product that we have to mention is ‘Scalpa Matte & Scalpa Matte 2’. This product is specifically designed to prevent scalp shine. Scalpa Matte has the added benefit of SPF 30 though this will reduce the longevity of the matte effect. If SPF isn’t essential (clearly you live in the UK!), then opt for Scalpa Matte 2 that is SPF free thus allowing a longer matte effect.

Our personal favourite (that is available in the UK), is ‘Peter Thomas Roth Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel’. It’s not too cheap but a little goes a long way and you’ll be matte for hours! Similarly, but at an even greater cost is ‘Neals Yard Purifying Palmarosa Mattifier’. Another great product that has added purifying properties to keep your scalp in great condition.

Take a look at the list of available products below.


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